That sick, sinking feeling...

Posted on Thursday, September 23, 2004

Hello again. I'm feeling a bit woozy right now, because I just sent off a mass email to the entire medical school about our JJJ Beat the Drum entry. It's not so much because I think I've done something empirically bad, but more that I've done something which is incredibly poor form and will not be very popular with my classmates for a few weeks. It was worth it though. It's a cool idea of Jay's, and I'm really flattered that he asked me to take part in it. What's more I just found out he'll be receiving a phone call from JJJ tonight to talk about the concept. That's very promising and we may just win this puppy. Awesome.
Other than that, I've been busy with packing, as I am moving from St Lucia to Indooroopilly this Sunday. It's always a bit of a trip packing your stuff up for a move. It's incredible the amount of crap that builds up over an 18 month period. That and the memories that always swill up.
"That's the movie ticket from the night..."
Also it makes me incredibly angry cause it's also when you find how much of your stuff has been nicked by housemates present and past, and how much of your stuff has been mistreated.
I am looking forward to the move though; for one thing it means I finally get a decent desk I can sit at. Up till now, all my study, and yes even as I write this instalment, has been done sitting on my bed with my laptop, ironically, on my lap, and textbooks strewn all around me.

Well... at least it's a queen sized bed...


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