Remarkable indeed

Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Yello all.
I'm enjoying a bit of computer bassed downtime at the moment while Anna is sitting next to me in a web cafe in Queenstown, doing her ICU exams over the net.
Thrilling ain't the word.
Today is day 6 of holidays, and my favourite bit, the first day that is actually eating into my holiday leave. Gotta love RDOs and public holidays.
It's been a pretty non stop trip so far. we've always been busy so far, most;y due to the whim, which i have to thank.
We stayed two days in Te Anau, which is the last town before milford sound via the road. We had planned to fly in the second day, so had nothing planned for the first. that morning i decided on a whim to drive down to the southern lake (can't remember the spelling, manopouri or something like that), then up to MIlford sound then a afternoon horse ride. Due to the horse ride, the drive out to MIlford was rushed.
The scenery was mind blowing though. Unfortunately, my camera went flat at manapouri, so no fantastic 7mp photos of milford. Anna had hers though, so we're not completely bereft of piccies.
The next day it was windy enough to blow a goat off a mountain, so our flight was cencelled.
That resulted in an early drive to Queenstown and a visit to Glenorchy (LOTR homeland).
Yesterday was shotover jet day (river was raised due to recent rains, so it was extra bumpy and uber cool) and helicopter trip to the top of the remarkables.
When we drove into Queenstown, i almost drove our black outback into the lake numerous times. the scenery here is just awe inspiring. There was no snow however. yesterday morning howrever, when i opened the curtains to our room and looked across the lake at the remarkables, in between whisps of cloud, i thought i saw snow. two hours later when the clouds had cleared i was right. the when we flew up, it was like something out of the movies, landing on a little outcrop just below the snow.
Because the afternoon was so clear, we decided to try and sneak in an afternoon flight to milford, but alas it wasn't to be. Still to rough out there. The weather here is so narky and changable.
This morning it has been pissing down, but all of the mountains sourounding queenstown are now covered in the most pristine white snow i have ever seen. Just beautiful.
once Anna is fininshed her exams, we;re going to grab a bite to eat, and hit the road to mount cook. Sorry, but there'll be no photos til after i get back. I think i might bring the laptop next time as every hotel we have stayed in has had data ports with free web access... Next time, Anna won't be doing online exams though :P
Anyway, I might get back to distracting her....

Grim in NZ.

The Doctor and the Madass

Posted on Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Doctor and the Madass, originally uploaded by graum.

Mt Archer, Sunday afternoon.

Lisa and I

Posted on Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lisa and I
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Hey look at that, someone has a camera pointed at us...

Rocky grad

Rocky grad
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Suddenly doctors, every last one.

The Cronins with adopted 'Unke Grim'

They drove all the way from Coffs Harbour, only to turn around and drive straight back after this photo was taken.
Thanks guys.

Dr Special; Or not so much

It's been two weeks on the ward as a doc now, and it's been interesting. That is, when I have the time to actually think about it. Things are pretty busy up here in Rocky. I am the intern for the busiest medical team in the hospital at the moment, so I am rarely without something to do.
It's a bit of an emotional roller coaster, with the lows being all doubt ridden - I am a shit doctor, I can't even explain to someone what to look out for in renal failure. The highs are small, and mostly related to having a good laugh with your fellow paper monkeys whilst passing in the hallway. One of the small triumphs for me last week was finally getting an IV in and working in one of my demented old men. It's amazing what you get away with, with a smile and bravado.
One of the more uncomfortable moments, was on the first Friday. I had a patient with suspected neuro-syphilis. It's pretty rare in these post anti-biotic days, but if someone is going to show up with it, it'd be in Rocky...
The patient was rather unco-operative, which in the circumstances is understandable. So they were not quite lying on the edge of the bed, screaming at me, calling me a cunt and motherfucker every time I tried to sterilize the puncture site. Then they almost jumped off the bed when I only touched their skin with the needle containing the local. After 5 mins of this I threw in the towel and refused to do it. Next time I try to do a LP, it's going to be on a comatose demented patient. Not a foul mouthed alcho from down the road.
I am really learning to love my patients.

Alkali flats Tvlle style

Posted on Thursday, November 23, 2006

Alkali flats Tvlle style
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I took this photo at about 11am, after I had finished the climb. When I got back into the car, the thermometer in the dash said it was 38 degrees.
I believed it.

Magnetic Marlow

Magnetic Marlow
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On top of Mt Marlow, looking north towards Magnetic Island. Mt Marlow is on the north-western outskirts of Townsville, in the Town Common conservation park. The track to the top is at the end of 7kms of dodgy dirt track. The walk is 2.3kms and takes 30mins. Nice views though, as you can see.

Distant castle

Distant castle
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That's Castle Hill and Townsville around it in the distance. What a lovely day for a walk...

From whence you came

From whence you came
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It's a long walk home from the top, but at least the view is good.


Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2006

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Taken by Kat
From the RMO awards series. The thing I love about this photo is that thanks to being caught in half-blink, it looks like I'm drunk. That's a Hahn light in my hand...
Oh well. Anna as always looks gorgeous.


Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2006

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This photo was taken after we had finally finished all our rescue dive missions and were free to explore.
Praise Allah.


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What's that?
Tasty with a beard?
You betcha!

From the void comes a story

Posted on Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well it has been a long time since i've bothered to write. For that I am sorry.
It's been a combination of exam fatigue, new girlfriends, and post exam enuei.
Wow, that's about it really, not much news to add.
Well, that's a half truth actually.
I've been up to things here and there.
I went to Mackay a couple of weeks back, to see Jodi, Shane, Robbie and Lanni for a talk Jodi was doing about her expereince through doing her STEPS course. Long story short, she never finished highschool, but now she's a GP registrar in Coffs Harbour. And one of my biggest inpirations, as she no doubt is for almost any other person who gets to meet her.
Then last week, i met a couple who will be working here as interns with me next year. The thing that got me up to see them in 5 mins of hearing news of their arrival was the dropping of no other than Jodi's name. Turns out Rob had done his O&G term with Jodi as his boss. Small world.
I've moved most of my stuff into the new place with Micheal and Pete for next year. It's a nice house, a bit small, but really, I am begining to realise, it's everything we need, plus being pretty neat.
Best news however, is that yesterday I got my email from the University of Queensland telling me that I have passed all of my assesment for year 4 of medicine, and am elegible to graduate on Dec 15. Somehow, I have managed to do everything the uni requires of me to become a doctor.
And yesterday, my preceptor allowed me to close in theatre. I sutured up a living person after a pelvic clearance. How cool?!
I have one more week left of my elective, in which time i have to also sort out my paperwork for registration as a doctor. Then off to Townsville for a week for the last time before Charmaine moves to WA with Todd.
Then Mackay for until Grad, then Mackay again, then Rocky to start work as an intern.
Fantastic. I can't wait to swap from student paesoes to doctor dollars.