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Posted on Thursday, November 02, 2006

Well it has been a long time since i've bothered to write. For that I am sorry.
It's been a combination of exam fatigue, new girlfriends, and post exam enuei.
Wow, that's about it really, not much news to add.
Well, that's a half truth actually.
I've been up to things here and there.
I went to Mackay a couple of weeks back, to see Jodi, Shane, Robbie and Lanni for a talk Jodi was doing about her expereince through doing her STEPS course. Long story short, she never finished highschool, but now she's a GP registrar in Coffs Harbour. And one of my biggest inpirations, as she no doubt is for almost any other person who gets to meet her.
Then last week, i met a couple who will be working here as interns with me next year. The thing that got me up to see them in 5 mins of hearing news of their arrival was the dropping of no other than Jodi's name. Turns out Rob had done his O&G term with Jodi as his boss. Small world.
I've moved most of my stuff into the new place with Micheal and Pete for next year. It's a nice house, a bit small, but really, I am begining to realise, it's everything we need, plus being pretty neat.
Best news however, is that yesterday I got my email from the University of Queensland telling me that I have passed all of my assesment for year 4 of medicine, and am elegible to graduate on Dec 15. Somehow, I have managed to do everything the uni requires of me to become a doctor.
And yesterday, my preceptor allowed me to close in theatre. I sutured up a living person after a pelvic clearance. How cool?!
I have one more week left of my elective, in which time i have to also sort out my paperwork for registration as a doctor. Then off to Townsville for a week for the last time before Charmaine moves to WA with Todd.
Then Mackay for until Grad, then Mackay again, then Rocky to start work as an intern.
Fantastic. I can't wait to swap from student paesoes to doctor dollars.


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