It is Official

Posted on Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Greetings from day 10 of my non-stop, being on call and staying at 'The Hospital'.
As I have previously mentioned, I have been splitting my time half half between the hospital and the GP's.
I would just like to officially go on the record now and say the following:
I am sick of looking at guy's bum-holes! Seriously. I have had enough. For all the in-potentia guys out there who in the future may consider coming in to see me, Know this now;
No!, I do not want to look at your bum hole, keep your pants on, they are what we in the medical profession like to call haemorrhoids.
incidentally though, thank you for at least having the decency to have a shower right before you came in to see me. It's a small human courtesy that I appreciate.
There! Let this be known now, and never again shall it be spoken of.
It is official!
B.t.w. Rob, thanks for the unwitting prophecy of my leaving the band to further my proctology studies. Fate looks far too kindly on you for my liking young man.

Life in a Day of Medboy

Posted on Friday, March 04, 2005

You know, I often wonder if anyone really does read this stuff at all, seeing as so few of you seem to give me feedback. I'll keep pluggin on though, but only because for now, it saves me the mind squeegying that is Chanel 7, which constantly streams from my parents TV, which my father won't let me change least he has a teary...
Two things to add today, one is from yesterday, but seeing as it was ER night, there was Buckleys of me logging on to add to it. On Thursday my GP doctor greeted me by saying,
"Congratulations Doc, you've cured your first case of cancer."
It was a pretty heartening moment for me.
Second thing, today whilst I was in the middle of doing a Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE, as all you med-tons know it as), my GP doc interupted me and told me he had someone he wanted me to meet. In the staff conference room was no other than our illustrious Professor John Pern and his cousin. Professor Pern was in Sarina for a family reunion and was saying hello to my GP preceptor, and seeing as I was one of his students, he invited me to join him and his family for lunch across the road at the RSL. Never has there been a more gracious man. I had a plesent lunch with the Perns, but alas I could not stay as I had to get to the hospital to heal more wounded Sarinians...
It's a tough life being a super hero...

A Rose Amoungst the Thorns

Posted on Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just a quick one that I just had to share today.
I met Dr Rosie King, Sexologist today, and as per my usual form, managed quite quickly to embarras myself.
Whilst on the topic of sexual fantasies and their manifestations within the bedroom, one of the people in the room quite helpfully pointed out that I appeared to be geting a bit red around the face. When questioned by Rosie as to why, I had to blurt out that I was just thinking about something that I saw on a web page.
As you can imagine I got a few laughs, but unfortunately I was being serious. I later explained to Rosie when we were alone (winks) that what I had ment was I was contemplating the idea of fantasies and how they can be altered through operant conditioning. I then went on to relay to her a story I had read on Group Hug about a young man who was caught masturbating by his grandmother, but instead of stopping, closed his eyes tightly and kept going at it hammer and tongs. When he opend his eyes, Granny was gone, and all was well. Of course I was shocked enough at that point, but the story went on...
In the next paragraph the guy then relayed that ever since that moment he could never 'complete the transaction' shall we say, unless he thought about dear old Granny in comprimising positions.
Rosie laughed at this, them went on to tell me about a patient of her who had a penchant for wearing pantyhose whilst being intimate...
All good fun on a Wednesday afternoon at you friendly Sarina GP clinic as you can see.
And for once it wasn't my bad infuence which was responsible.


Grim (^_^)