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Posted on Friday, May 11, 2007

Yello all.
I'm enjoying a bit of computer bassed downtime at the moment while Anna is sitting next to me in a web cafe in Queenstown, doing her ICU exams over the net.
Thrilling ain't the word.
Today is day 6 of holidays, and my favourite bit, the first day that is actually eating into my holiday leave. Gotta love RDOs and public holidays.
It's been a pretty non stop trip so far. we've always been busy so far, most;y due to the whim, which i have to thank.
We stayed two days in Te Anau, which is the last town before milford sound via the road. We had planned to fly in the second day, so had nothing planned for the first. that morning i decided on a whim to drive down to the southern lake (can't remember the spelling, manopouri or something like that), then up to MIlford sound then a afternoon horse ride. Due to the horse ride, the drive out to MIlford was rushed.
The scenery was mind blowing though. Unfortunately, my camera went flat at manapouri, so no fantastic 7mp photos of milford. Anna had hers though, so we're not completely bereft of piccies.
The next day it was windy enough to blow a goat off a mountain, so our flight was cencelled.
That resulted in an early drive to Queenstown and a visit to Glenorchy (LOTR homeland).
Yesterday was shotover jet day (river was raised due to recent rains, so it was extra bumpy and uber cool) and helicopter trip to the top of the remarkables.
When we drove into Queenstown, i almost drove our black outback into the lake numerous times. the scenery here is just awe inspiring. There was no snow however. yesterday morning howrever, when i opened the curtains to our room and looked across the lake at the remarkables, in between whisps of cloud, i thought i saw snow. two hours later when the clouds had cleared i was right. the when we flew up, it was like something out of the movies, landing on a little outcrop just below the snow.
Because the afternoon was so clear, we decided to try and sneak in an afternoon flight to milford, but alas it wasn't to be. Still to rough out there. The weather here is so narky and changable.
This morning it has been pissing down, but all of the mountains sourounding queenstown are now covered in the most pristine white snow i have ever seen. Just beautiful.
once Anna is fininshed her exams, we;re going to grab a bite to eat, and hit the road to mount cook. Sorry, but there'll be no photos til after i get back. I think i might bring the laptop next time as every hotel we have stayed in has had data ports with free web access... Next time, Anna won't be doing online exams though :P
Anyway, I might get back to distracting her....

Grim in NZ.


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