Posted on Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hey again guys. Not a real lot to add, but for some reason, now that the site exists, it keeps begging me to feed it.
I'm planning on heading down to Byron Bay over Fri night/Saturday. That should be fun.
For now though, I'm swapping between Get Fuzzy and watching Regurgitator on cable in Band in a Bubble. It's been making me pretty keen on sitting down and working on some new songs for my solo project Daishen.
How cool am I? I have a band and a solo project! Yeehaa!
I'm getting my folk guitar back off a friend tomorrow too. I lent it to her before the last exams to reduce the temptation away from study. I'm really looking forward to getting it back though, cause it is such a nice guitar to play. And yeah guys, I'm still working on Indro Putsch, my token song for The Lanterns. I promise it will rock when I finish it. I still have to learn a few more chords ;)
Oh yeah, and of course I am studying really hard. Thankfully my last degree from good old JCU has prepared me well for meninigitis week. I can honestly say if I see another chocolate agar plate of N.meningitidis I will be over it.


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