Did someboday say crack cocaine?

Posted on Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Hello again out there party people.
First of all, a big heads-up to B-wan. I've just spent the afternoon watching Naruto, an anime that he gave me a DVD of. Ben, next time, why don't you just give me a few rocks of crack cocaine and be done with it. After only 8 episodes, I'm totally hooked! Go the Shadow Clone Sexy Temptation Deception. It's almost as good as Sailor Moon ;)

I can reveal a little bit more about project top secret now that Phase One is complete. but still not too much, as I am waiting till the footage is complete so you can all see it for yourselves. What I can say is it involved myself and 4 friends running around the valley all Sunday, making pests of ourselves and trying to get inside the community's collective heads. For now, the photo should say a fair bit ;)

And finally, I have a link for Jay's website. I thoroughly encourage everyone to check it out so they can see for themselves how good his artwork is ;)

Anyway, I should get back to studying rashes, as it is dematology and immunology block, and we all know what that means. That's right! Lots of manky oozey mutilations. Yum yummy yum :D


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