Busy Little Monkey

Posted on Friday, September 10, 2004

Hey guys.
You know, I can not get over just how fast a week off will fly by. I totally had good intentions about this week just being knuckling down and getting into the study. I still don't know much about kidneys and urology and you just know it's going to be on the exam. But no, it just wasn't meant to be.
Instead I have;

Monday: Been taking Madopar as part of a MRI drug trial thingie. My arm still twinges from the stab wound where they took blood from. Actually it would be fun to see their interpretations of my brain function while I was in the MRI for 45mins... I was basiclly just writing songs in my head the whole time...
Tuesday: Been down to the GC (Like the OC, but well, surprisingly, much less wanky...) for lunch and research. Check the previous entry for more details ;)
Wednesday: Been acting as an impromptu tour guide for Jane the English lass.
Thursday: Been deeply involved in preparations for the top secret impending project.
Today: Am continuing the early stages of project top secret.

So here I am desperately writing this blog, listening to Fugazi, and panicking about how much stuff I have to get done.
I can't tell you too much about what project top secret is just yet. What I can say though, is it is a hush hush culture jamming experient being organised by 3 other friends in which i am helping.
Be rest assured though, when the project is complete, you shall be among the first to know.
So in between buying spray paint, hiring a ute, and writing a Trephine profile for my favorite med buddy, I am indeed a busy little monkey.

But you know what?

I wouldn't have it any other way (^_^)


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