Byron What Now?

Posted on Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hello again there everyone.
I just got back from Jay and I's whistle stop tour of Byron Bay. Basically we went down there overnight for Jay to try and find someone to display some of his artwork. That was nice and successful, with the curator of a gallery that we walked into on a whim to just have a look around, deciding to display his picture pretty much as soon as she saw it. I don't know if Jay saw her face when he unveiled the picture, but I did, and she actually was taken aback. It's not often you see that. I think she really liked it.
But that's getting ahead of myself. Jay mentioned this trip to me last weekend when we were going to Eumundi, so I asked if I could tag along, and he said yes, so the trip was on. Riveting stuff I know! (I'm just giving you guys a bit of background, linear as it is) On the drive down Friday night, we were a bit rushed, but we got there just as the campsite was closing up. While we were setting up, a young English lass walked past on her way back from the amenities, and said that setting the tent up in the dark didn't look like much fun, and if we wanted, we could drop by her yellow van with the awning and she'd make us a cup of tea.
Here's the part where Rob the Uber Guitarist gets upset, as Jane, the English lass, would be an ideal fit for the type of girl he once described to me that he would like to meet. Once Jay and I had the tent set up, we proceeded to quest for the 'being kicked out a caravan park the fastest for being seedy and knocking on random doors at 10pm' award. Turns up that neither Jay nor I had paid proper attention to descriptions of her van and vague direction in which it lay. So we knocked on a few doors of vans with lights on, before we were about to give up and we walked past a yellow van with an awning and heard Jane sneeze.
We had a great night chatting with her about her snowboarding trip with her boyfriend, to what we were all doing in Byron Bay on a random Friday night. I even taught her how to use a Tim Tam as a straw.
Next morning we were packing up the tent and she came over to say hi and look at Jay's picture. I really can't stress how awesome this picture is, completely hand drawn, those of you who have seen it will know what I’m talking about. As for everyone else, when he has his artwork site up, I’ll include a link so you can see it.
After we had packed up, we hit Byron central, starving for a good meal, but settling for a popularish coffee shop near the Centerlink. It was next door to here where we saw the art gallery and the rest is history.
After that we had an immense amount of unexpected free time, so we went up to the light house and I made Jay walk out to the eastern most point of mainland Australia. That's where the photo was taken. Then we went for a swim, got cold, got over it and got out of the water and showed off for the wedding party that had just finished up further down the beach.
All in all though, it was an awesome trip, and I had fun even just on the level of getting out of Brisbane for a while to explore. Add on top of that meeting a nice stranger and having a good chat and a "Cuppa Tea?" It was all good. I'd recommend the trip to anyone.

Cheers guys ;)


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