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Posted on Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hey there shiny happy people. Sorry it's been such a long time since I last added to the monster. I guess I've been a bit too selfish lately, what with not wanting to be bad at surgery and stuff. A few things have happened since my last posting, but I think the coolest would be the beginnings of my new 'wacky scheme/adventure'. As you read this I am currently working on a series treatment for SBS in partnership with one of my old housemates, Jason. The series is going to be a 12/13 partner, and is loosely based on the joys and tribulations of living in a sharehouse in Indooroopilly in Brisbane. All things going to plan, you may even see it going to air late 2006. Now wouldn't that be an interesting sight? Other schemes on the boil is my trip to Brunei later this year. Progress update: I have my passport, complete with dodgy photo, and I am awaiting my multipass visa application forms from the university. It may take a while... I am experiencing a resurgence in my interest in going because I recently found out the other student who was to go with me has pulled out, so I will be spending two months by myself in a house on a beach in Borneo, where I don't speak the language. I can't wait! Plus if I'm lucky, I may get to do some emergencies evacuations of workers from the offshore oil rigs off Brunei. Now you try and tell me that's not cool ;) Anyways, If I become more enthused at some point, I may share some of my funs during the surgery rotation here at Rocky, but for now, it's more enjoyable going out drinking with the doctors and classmates. I would definitely recommend going rural to any med student. Cheers ya'll! Grim (^_^)


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