The hounds of the hospital

Posted on Monday, February 28, 2005

Hello again peoples.
After some complaints of my not updating this thing enough (Read one, so you better enjoy this Rob. Not naming any names of course...)
I wish I could tell you all about the cool stuff I've bared witness to, but patient confidentiality stops me from sharing most of it. Today I did my first skin cancer excision, and it was brutal. I took off a chunk of skin about 6cm long, 3cm wide, and 1cm thick. As I said, brutal.
Also apparently I'm causing a bit of a storm amoung the Sarina lady-folk. One of the girls at the surgery told me of when she was getting her hair cut the other day, I walked past on my way to the surgery, and one of the women there asked her who the new spunky doctor was. It makes my heart swell. If only I had the same effect on the ladies in the hairstylests in Queen Street.
Anyway, as part of the joys of living with my parents, I have to go and do the lousy damn dishes.
I hate washing up :(


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