Twas a Saturday, not unlike any other...

Posted on Saturday, January 15, 2005

Hello there peoples. I just thought I'd add a few quick words to go with the new pics. The first is from our first gig at the Indie temple. We were the first band to play on the main stage, and as such the crowd was huge. Thanks though to everyone who was there. Admittedly it was cause we kept it small to get used to the venue, so on Thursday the 20th, at 8:15pm, we shall go off. Be there if you can ;)
the lower photo was from an improptu practice in my back yard after the rehearsal studio forgot about our booking. 10 points to Tony though for giving us a free practice as an apology. Don't let it get out too far, but it'd take more than a few forgotten bookings for us to stray from Red Star rehearsal studios. Tony takes care of us, and what's more, he definitely has the best rooms in Brisbane. Plus he even put out a thank you note in the street press to all the bands that practice there. How can you not support that?
Anyway, the countdown continues to the exam (18th) and then the movers picking up my stuff (20th), the last gig (also the 20th) then moving to Rocky with Peter (26th).

Cheers ya'll!

And thanks for sticking through this long, it's much appreciated (^_^)


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