The End of an Era

Posted on Friday, January 21, 2005

Good morning again there peoples.
Last night was a night of solemn rocking out...
Or something like that anyway. The last gig with me as bass player for The Lanterns. It was a good night, and to be honest, probably the most relaxed gig we've ever had. After Rob freaking me out in the car telling me about some of the rejected plans they had for me to celebrate, including such things as a fish sauce bath, you could imagine I was quite apprehensive about what they were going to do. In the end I needn't be too sad. They presented me with my first 'Wife-Beater' upon the front of which it is written:

"I joined
The Lanterns
and all I got
was this
wife beater"

And the Back:

Thanks guys... That was sweet...

And a big thanks to Peter, Ben, Duncan and Gary for showing up. You guys proved that not all med students are scared to go out and see a band on a Thursday night. You guys Rock!
Also thanks to Julia for coming out to see us, Toddo is a great drummer to play with, and I Love playing with him, but I really missed having you in the band. Plus having a girl in the band just made us seem less scruffy ;)
And last but not least thank you to my extended family that is the Indro house, you guys have been there for every gig. You are our very own rent a crowd. We really appreciate that on those lonely first slot Thursday night gigs. Cheers!


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