Tour-guide for the day, fool for a lifetime

Posted on Sunday, February 20, 2005

Hello again peoples.
Well this last week has been a bit slower. For two reasons probably. Firstly and most importantly, it's a good thing cause it means that less people have been hurting themselves. Secondly becasue I have had to split my time half half between the hospital and one of the GP surgeries. That's Ok though, cause through them I've met one of the nicest med students there are out there. Thao is a 3rd year med student from UNSW who is up here as part of her John Flynn scholarship. This year is her first year of four coming up to Sarina, and I hope I've helped her feel more welcomed up here.
Yesterday I took her for a bit of a sightseeing tour around Mackay, and more specifically the Pioneer Valley. The photo is from Finch Hatton Gorge, about an hours drive out of Mackay. And Just for Allan, I took her past your old place...
I hope Thao enjoyed the tour anyway, I guess next time I'm in Sydney I'll have to take her up on her reciprocal offer ;)
Anyways, today has been a quiet one, just chilling and watching a movie. I saw Sideways, and I really liked it. Although... I could see a buck's tour with Leon and Allan turning out like that movie, so maybe I only liked it cause I could identify with the characters... I'll leave it up to you guys to work that one out ;)



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