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Posted on Sunday, July 16, 2006

Okie dokie.
I just got out of the shower after returning from the Byfield camping trip. I feel about 150% better for it too.
Lots of piccies as you can see. I am surprised how good they came out. It's amazing the difference turning off you flash on overcast days can make to your pictures.
The trip out was fun, and I'm going to be frankly honest, Dougal was right, I went with the girls because they are the much prettier option. It was getting a bit dark by our arrival though, so the tenst had to go straight up before we lost all the light.
Of course, drinks and squeals started pretty much at the same time. Fast forward to 11:30pm, when angry pan banging van man came down and started bellowing at us to shut up of he'd cut our tent's down with chain-saws. I would of thought one would have sufficed, but I disgress.
He was totally right about the noise we were making, as I am certain there are a few dazed bats still trying to walk home after being hit by Kristy's laugh last night. Van guy was totally off his rocker though, and a more introspective man probably would have thought twice about threatening a group of 13 tanked strangers on his own.
Fast forward to this morning, with most of the group on the other side of the creek eating breakfast. One person was still in one of the tents sleeping, when angry van guy stopped on his way out to tip a bottle of Baileys over Lowe's car, Kat, Leanne and Micheal's tents. He has no idea how lucky he is the sleeping person wasn't drunk...
Other than the unpleasantness, it was a cool trip, with lost of star gazing and bonding and stuff.
Yeah, you heard me; Stuff.


Grim (^_^)


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