Yamata already!

Posted on Saturday, July 15, 2006

I just finished wathing the Naruto movie, and I have to admit I should be ashamed of how easily I get teary at anime.
I was supposed to be out at Byfield camping today, but due to my own slackness at organising spots in cars out there, my gear is in Byfield, and I as of yet, am not. I'm due to be picked up in a couple of hours, so instead of using the spare time purely for self betterment (study) I thought it was about time I caught up with my favourite annoying ninja.
There's just something infectious about how earnest and hardworking he is.
Never give up, that is my way of the ninja.
Also something about never going back on a promise being my way of the ninja too. I think you can make the rest up for yourself yeah?
There's something in that for all of us really.
Anyway, I bought some fresh batteries for my camera, and it's out at Byfield as I type, so there should be some nice pics to add by tomorrow night. And also some diving trip pics in a couple of weeks.



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