An un-ethical diversion

Posted on Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So this morning I was thinking about how I used to be such a leftist, socialist type person. I think those days are limited...
I caught myself thinking;
Why are we wasting heaps of money sending a self professed IV using, hep C positive, workers-comp layabout down to Brisbane, to have an extremely expensive procedure done that is going to prolong his life. That money by rights should be spent on someone who is already contributing to society, and will continue to do so after wards. Not some oxygen thief who doesn't take care of themselves and will only be back in X amount of time with the exact same problem.
Then the guy discharged himself against advice, fully expecting to be able to waltz back into the 'spital at his leisure for an all expenses paid trip down south. Sorry pal, it doesn't work like that.
It shocked me to find myself thinking such thoughts.
Yet I can't shake the nagging possibility that somehow they're not entirely unjustified.

...I used to be altruistic...


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