Love thy record store

Posted on Friday, May 12, 2006

Well in a quest to earn the reputation for biggest music geek in town, I went to my local record store this arvie to beg for the new Chili's album a day early.
It worked!
I love those guys.
I'm listening to it now of course! Sneaking in a extra bit of chili before Kristy's B'day party tonight.
I'm giving the second CD, Mars another go. It seems to be the more up-tempo of the two, with Jupiter being more lounge-y in feel.
I dunno yet... I like it, but 2+ hours of Anthony Kedis' voice in one hit is a bit much... It's just not blowing me away like 10000 Days did. There is one song on Jupiter that sort of shows the Mars Volta influence though. Funny that seeing as my favourite Mars Volta song, Cicatriz ESP features both Flea and John Frusciante.
I guess it's just not rocking out in the way I was expecting.
2 hours...
So much Chili in one hit...
I'll have to get back to ya'll on this one :P


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