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Posted on Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I got home this morning at about 4am-ish. It was a very big weekend. So big I decided I had to take today off in order to recover. I feel even that may not be enough.
We left Rocky about 2pm on Firday, and drove up to Townsville arriving about 10:30pm while Char and Todd were playing mini golf with the neighbours. The first few hours of a road-trip are always the most reserved, so when the conversation turned to Coupling (The TV series) and Porn Buddies within 30kms of Rocky, I knew it was going to be an adventurous weekend. Unfortunetly I can't share too much of the in-car banter, but let's just say it was gold.
Saturday morning saw the team roaming Townsville in the rain, and Lowie looking for a new car. Before we left she had been contacted by her car-search mob to look at an X-Trail in Townsville. We checcked it out, and she was asking "What else should I ask about the car"
Can I test drive it? of course.
So we did. The salesman guy drove us out to Woolcock St and we swapped drivers. We got to the intersection where Darymple Rd comes off Woolcock, where we were going straight through, and the lights changed so Lowie stopped. It was raining the road was a bit slippery, but the X-Trail pulled up quite well except for the squealing noise. We all thought it was the brakes until we realised the X-trail had stopped, and the squealing hadn't. I turned around just in time to see the Jeep cheroke smash into us, shattering the rear windscreen in the process.
The person I felt the most for in this situtation was not poor Lowie though, it was the salesman guy. Two minutes earlier he was telling us how he's moved to Tvlle 8 weeks earlier and his wife had already written off her car.
So Lowie asked "OK, what do we do now?"
He replied "I don't know,in my 8 years of doing this, I've never been involved in a prang."
Classic stuff. It was all the idiot behind us' fault anyway. He was going full tilt and wasn't watching the road in front of him and *smack*
While the car sales guy was swapping details I was joking with Lowie that she shouldn't buy the car now as it's been in an accident, and her response was in all seriousness,
"Now that it's damaged, do you think I could get him to drop the price a bit?"
On to Cairns that arvo, to arrive in time for dinner and a bucks/hens party. I had fun crashing the bucks party, even got a beer cooler given to me, but I had far more fun crashing the hen's party. Plus being the token student at a Dr's function, it was free drinks all round. Yippe.
Sunday was out to Davies Creek to go camping. T'was good fun with a nice little open fire that consumed the equivilent of 3 trees over the night and a little bit of midnight skinny dipping. I whimped out though, and went to bed instead. When asked why I wasn't joining in, all I could say was that it's not my thing. Admitedly part of me whould have liked to, but not enough to actually do it. I am turning into such a prude in my old age :P
Monday was a total of 18 hours on the road, mostly playing 'shoot, shag or marry?'. Lots of stops and side trips to 'Whiiiiineries' will do that. and here I sit, still sleep deprived now. No photos yet as my camera went flat just before we left, but when Lowie gets back from her holidays in a couple of weeks there should be a few piccies worth showing that I can get off her.
Till then, Copenhagen.


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