Act one, Scene, I dunno, six yeah.

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2006

Well here we are...
I just got back to Rocky early this morning, and I can assure you it is really starting to feel like the year is begining in earnest.
The train trip down was as usual fun. The good thing about business class on the tilt train is I got a seat by myself. No having to keep it a secret that I am a med student. No one trying to convince me that they cured cervical cancer by using panadol as a pessary.
So we have a fresh batch of 3rd years, only 18 now, not the 20 we were initially promissed. It seems a couple were scared off staying in case they were balloted to the RBH in Brisbane... Even though 10% of the year have to go rural anyway... Sorry, just med school politics frustrating me there.
So the start of year party circuit is about to commence. I'm hoping to slip in a Aus day hottest 100 party too, so hopefully, there will be more wonderfull pictures added to the fold soon.
Stay tuned ;)


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