Holiday doldrums

Posted on Sunday, January 08, 2006

Hello everybody.
Not a lot is going on in Grim-world at the moment. You gottat love that about the student holiday time. All this spare time, and no money to spend it with.
Still, I did a road trip from Tvlle to Undara lava tubes and the Atherton tablelands with Charmaine and Todd last year before Xmas, which is where all the latest pics are from.
Xmas was with the family down in Mackay, and was not unlike every other xmas with the family. I'm back in tvlle now, at Char's place with the cat Missy. Char and Todd are in WA to see his family. I have been left in charge of the cat, flat and automobiles. I went up to the tablelands and Cairns yesterday, and drove back down this morning. I am considering going back up there on Friday as one of my friends starts doctoring at the Cairns Base A&E on Thursday. I on the other had and getting my motorbike license on Thurs.
Anyway, enjoy the pics, and hopefully I'll have some stories to tell in two weeks when I start my O&G rotation.
Baby-catching here i come!


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